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Meet Dr. Condon

Board Certified Chiropractic Physician

Heath Alan Condon, DC graduated from Life Chiropractic College in the class of 1997 with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. A student-athlete for the Phillipsburg High School Wrestling Football, and Track team, Dr. Condon has experienced the work ethic and dedication it takes to succeed in athletics. When his wrestling career was impacted by injury, it caused a shift in his future trajectory. Influenced by the process of treating his back injury with chiropractic care, a seed of needing to know more about this healing art was planted. The desire to help others resume their daily lives with little to no pain, and get back to hobbies and activities that bring fulfillment is what set in motion the journey towards what would become Condon Chiropractic Clinics.


Dr. Condon approaches healthcare with a holistic mindset. He believes the human body is designed to heal itself and his job is to help promote natural healing by optimizing the function of the central nervous system with noninvasive and safe procedures. Dr. Condon uses his knowledge of the body to encourage patients to take care of their spine and to eat healthy. By helping your body function at its optimal level and fueling your body properly with the right foods, Dr. Condon believes he can help people enjoy a healthy and prosperous life. 

Dr. Condon is a Phillipsburg, New Jersey native and loves being out and about in the Lehigh Valley with his wife Stephanie and children Haylee, Kelsey, and Cole. He also enjoys playing golf, riding four-wheelers, and attending his children's activities.

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